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We are We Know SEO. We comprise of a team of experienced and passionate specialists who enjoy our job, and really love what we do!

Many years ago, in the distant year of 2006, our founders were working on a small online social media project together. Of course, as it stands for most online projects, all the technical, social and administrative tasks led to one main issue – marketing. As a small and ambitious (and then inexperienced) team, they knew that they needed to focus their efforts on effective search engine optimization and online marketing. They looked at hiring SEO agencies, wasted thousands of dollars, and in the end did not receive the results they wanted ranking wise. After tens of thousands of dollars down the drain, they had no funds and no choice but to learn how to optimize their website for search engines… all on their own.

Our Story

This was extremely difficult at the time since they were forced to pick up what little tidbits of info that was available in order to comprehend every step of this long and complicated process. There were several months of studying and experimenting involved, as well as many late nights. They learned a lot and eventually reached the ranking they desired. While that project wasn’t really a “success” due to unrelated reasons, it did bring them much more than just success – it brought them the important experience and realization that there is a problem in the SEO market – that there were so many deprived clients and very little real professional service providers who could understand how search engines actually work. That became the main push on their way to launching their own SEO firm,

Since then, they have set their mission to provide real professional internet marketing service with guaranteed results, and to help clients bring their business success by delivering them to the top of search engine results.

We understand the pain and headache of having to deal with firms that are unable to provide results.  That’s why we strive to work with our clients more directly to better give them insight and understanding to their campaign, and to help provide them peace of mind.  We pride ourselves on our ability to help clients understand the methods of SEO that not only bring them ranking, but help their business grow too!  We work closely with our clients as well to ensure that any concerns or questions they may have are answered, and help ease them into a more confident level in making online marketing work for them.

Why choose our Company?

We Believe In Local Only
We are a 100% Canadian, Toronto based company. In order to provide only the best quality service, we keep all our work “in house” and never outsource. We are not a reseller, but we are the source of sales!

We Are Dedicated
We provide every client with a dedicated personal account manager who will be ready to support you at any time. Regardless of the service you hire us for, you can be sure that you are our top priority!

We Are Experienced
After 6 years in business, we have survived through a number of Google algorithm updates including the major ones like Panda, Penguin and Thunderbird. Not only have we survived them all, but we also have studied them and have adapted them into our workflow.
We Are Reputable
We are proud of our reputation. We have only the best reviews on such review platforms such as Yelp!, Google+ and other online sources. We care about the quality of service we provide and always make sure our client satisfaction is a priority.

We Are Result Oriented
Whatever we do, we always focus on what matters the most – results! Our performance-based solutions make our client’s satisfaction possible and guarantee the highest ROI (return of investments) we can provide.

We Are A Full-Cycle Marketing Agency
We are not just a one niche expert – such as SEO or web design. We have a team of experts who specialize in all fields of Internet marketing. This makes it possible for us to provide you not just with one single service, but to make sure our work supports your online promotion in full.

We’re not the only ones happy with our work

159 customers in 9 countries are using our services and solutions

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