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Thousands of businesses around the world advertise their website using pay-per click (PPC) campaigns. Pay-per click campaigns let you reach the most targeted visitors by creating text only advertisements on major search engines that are notably displayed and highlighted on top of the search results list. A major advantage to PPC is the ability to set a daily budget and control how long your paid ads remain visible. PPC is also relative advertising by having your ad appear only when it may be relevant to a user’s interests. This is an effective tool to attract targeted visitors while still having full control of your campaign.

  • Analysis Of Your Website
  • Current State Of Your Websites SEO Profile
  • Select Keywords And The Competitiveness Of The Market

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Did You Know That


of total clicks are obtained from the top three paid ad spots


of users couldn’t identify paid ads on the results page when there wasn’t a separated column


of Google’s total revenue comes from advertising. So yeah, people do click on ads.


of PPC marketers plan to increase their PPC budget in 2014

Key Aspects of PPC campaign setup By Our Experts

We Can Help Find Your Relative Keywords

With any effective PPC campaign, the selection of keywords is extremely important. Keywords determinate the audience your ads will reach, and one of the key points of PPC campaign is to set up the right keywords which only your targeted audience searches for. If not set up properly, you will end up wasting your budget on visitors who are not interested in your service/product. 
 We can also help you find the most affordable cost-per-click keywords!

We Can Help Lower Your PPC Cost

There are dozens of other parameters to setup when building a successful PPC campaign. When it comes to PPC settings, even the most organized business owners can become overwhelmed due to the huge amount of information they need to process. However, proper set up of your campaign can effectively lower the price you pay per click to anywhere from 20%-60%. We have what it takes to help you plan the best campaign without breaking the bank.

We Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

Proper analysis of your PPC campaign is a step that everyone must take in order to have a successful campaign. It can provide you information on key parameters such as keyword conversion range, how many pages are viewed after the initial click, sales you made specifically with PPC, and more. But setting up of necessary tracking codes isn’t an easy task for those who are not experienced. That’s why we are here to assist you! We ensure that everything is in working order and analyzed accordingly.

The Benefits of PPC

Same Day Placement

Ads can be set up and displayed online within 24 hours or less. This is the quickest way to get quality targeted leads.

Targeted Audience

Directed only towards the target audience of your choosing. You will attain leads that are looking for the specific service/product you offer.


You are free to experiment with different text ads, targeted regions, specific time and dates you want your campaign will run.

Fit Any Budget

Flexibility for any budget. You have the ability to choose any daily, weekly or monthly budget that will suit your needs! Campaigns will also be paused right away once it has reached your set budget.

Analytics Access

Analytics gives us the ability to track campaign effectiveness by using Google Analytics and restructure your campaign accordingly.

Pay Only Per Click

You don’t pay for impressions, placement or time your ads run for. You only pay when a user has clicked on your ads and has arrived on your set landing page. This way, your budget doesn’t go to waste.

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What Can We Do for You?

analytic1. Budget

Through collaboration and careful analysis, we can determine the best monthly marketing budget for you and adjust it accordingly based on your business goals.

analytic2. Keyword Search

We will analyze your website and market to find the best keywords that will most relate to your customer base and interests.

analytic3. Set Bidding Strategies

We will analyze your competitors and find out what their bidding strategy consists of. Once we are able to understand that, we will build a customized strategy on how to surpass them while maintaining a lower bounce rate.

analytic4. Creative Solutions

As experts in PPC, we will create the most suitable titles and descriptions for your listing to capture audience attention and help drive results in.

analytic5. Campaign Setup

We will design your campaign parameters as well as create ads and ad groups based on your budget and goals.

analytic6. Campaign Testing

Our team will determine which ads are the most effective by testing different ad copy.

analytic7. Campaign Management

Our team will modify your ad content, bidding strategy and landing page content accordingly as your campaign progresses and evolves.

analytic8. Reporting

Each month, we will send you a detailed report complete with an analysis of important trends to track visitor conversion over time.

We also provide services for Bing paid ads as well as Google paid ads.

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PPC + SEO = free PPC campaign setup
Internet Marketing done by us not only bring you clients but also save you money.

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