Selling online can be a rewarding experience but you need to beat other competitors in your niche, something that is easier said than done. It is important to ensure that your website is optimized for high ranking by the search engines because traffic which comes from online searches (organic traffic) is considered to have higher value than any which can be attracted through paid-for online campaigns. This guide contains invaluable tips on how to find the best SEO company in Canada to give your web content that extra edge when the search engines index and rank your website.

  1. Case Studies and Success Stories

The real mark of a capable SEO company will be borne out by the success they have managed to achieve in the past. It is imperative to study at least three case studies of projects they have undertaken in the recent past and observe how effective the strategies employed were. You should speak with the clients themselves to find out if they were satisfied by the firm’s billing and ethical practices. If the company offers testimonials on their website, there should be a way to ascertain if they are authentic and credible.

  1. Up to date with new trends

Search engine optimization is an industry that changes very fast. Indeed, some of the methods which may have been considered legitimate as recently as two years ago have already been blacklisted by major search engines. If the SEO company has not had an ear to the ground to know about the most recent updates to popular web crawlers and bots, they may send your website to the bottom of the ranks instead of up.

  1. Experience in your type of niche

While there are some general rules which apply to all sorts of content, following these will not guarantee you top rankings. Each niche on the web has different competitiveness matrices which often don’t apply across the web. If you contract the best company, they will know enough to tweak your content in a way that will make your offer emerge as the best in the niche.

  1. On site and off-site SEO strategies

A few years ago, the best SEO strategies were those which guaranteed that you would have plenty of sites on the web linking back to your website. After many shady websites were established for the sake of providing backlinks alone, search engines became savvy enough to downgrade such ranking strategies. Today, the SEO strategies you employ on the site are even more important in the eyes of major search engines. The best SEO company will ensure there is just the right mix of off-site and on-site SEO strategies to ensure top ranking.

  1. Frequent and Informative Reporting

You can only tell if strategies being employed by the company are working if they provide regular and informative feedback. The feedback should be pegged on the analysis that was carried out when the company began working on your site at first. Expert SEO company will provide detailed and informative reports to show if the objectives you set out to achieve are being realized.