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Effective SEO Tactics and Strategies for 2019

Every now and then, there’s always those news and articles declaring the death of SEO, virtually every single year. Thankfully, SEO is still alive and kicking, if not even more important than before with the saturation of the search engines.

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Importance Of Local SEO For A Small Businesses

You’ve probably heard that local SEO is one of the most effective marketing channels for small businesses. But, the question is, why? 

One of the key issues facing small businesses, especially those in the early stage, is limited budget. 

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10 Tactics to Get Better Local SEO Results

The local online marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and what’s working in 2016 or 2017 might no longer work now in 2018.

So, the question is, how can we get ahead of our competition? One of the most effective ways for local businesses to get better results is through local SEO, and here, we will learn how to implement it.

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Video SEO: How To Increase Your YouTube Traffic

It is no secret that videos have overtaken the internet, and so video SEO is now a thing.

More people now have access to fast internet to stream videos, and video streaming platforms -especially YouTube- are maturing. No wonder, more and more businesses are now attempting video marketing, but that also means it is now more competitive than ever.

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How To Do A Competitor Analysis For SEO

Competitor analysis is an essential step of any SEO strategy, and especially in the early stage of planning your SEO initiatives. Yet, more often than not, many marketers and SEO practitioners skipped this process and neglect the importance of competitive analysis.

Understanding who our competitors are, and how they approach their SEO strategies, can lead to better insights on how we should approach our own strategy, what our goals should be, and whether there will be any opportunities and gaps.

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The Ultimate Guide To Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps is now undoubtedly one of the most important apps provided by Google, and it has risen in popularity for the past half decade or so. Virtually everyone is now using Google Maps for finding directions, driving assistance, and most importantly, finding local businesses.

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How SEO Can Help Improve Traffic

The internet would a whole different place without SEO. There are still some that do not fully understand how SEO can help improve traffic but the truth is that it is not that difficult to comprehend.

Looking at the results of a random query on a search engine, the very first thing that needs to be understood is that the vast majority of websites that are showing on the first page use SEO. SEO is used to gain visibility and traffic because these two go together. If there is search engine optimization, traffic will come flowing in. The more traffic the better as more people visiting a page can translate into more sales or more revenue. However, one question still remains:

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Why is Google SEO Optimization so Important?

If you are working on building and promoting your website, you have probably heard that SEO is very important. Most successful webmasters do spend at least a portion of their time making sure that their sites are properly optimized for search engines, and you could be wondering why it is so important to do so. However, you should know that there are actually quite a few reasons why Google SEO optimization is so important.

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How to Improve Your Website Traffic?

The foremost priority of every webmaster is to increase the traffic on a website and make it easily accessible to a lot of potential customers around the world. Although there are a lot of different tools to make your website easily accessible, nothing helps you more with generating traffic than Search Engine Optimization. In tough competitive times, it is extremely important for your website to be on top of SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

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What Is Important When Looking For SEO Company?

If you are looking for the top SEO company in the business, there are some key issues you have to consider. These issues revolve around the company, the services they provide, what you are looking for, and your budget. For increased traffic flow to your site, there is no doubt that the services of the best SEO company can have a major impact. This is why selection of the right company is so important.

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