The internet would a whole different place without SEO. There are still some that do not fully understand how SEO can help improve traffic but the truth is that it is not that difficult to comprehend.

Looking at the results of a random query on a search engine, the very first thing that needs to be understood is that the vast majority of websites that are showing on the first page use SEO. SEO is used to gain visibility and traffic because these two go together. If there is search engine optimization, traffic will come flowing in. The more traffic the better as more people visiting a page can translate into more sales or more revenue. However, one question still remains:


How Does This Work?

Search engine optimization can be done in multiple ways. One of the tools is social media platforms. They can be used to generate viral content related to the website and link to it. Article directories can be used to create content that will link to a website. This method referred to as backlinking trough article marketing. A third method is to get paid traffic by securing a top position on the search results page for a certain keyword. This kind of traffic will only last for as long as the campaign is running and thus it implies spending money continuously.

Last but not least, on-page SEO can be used to make sure that a website is getting listed in the search results for a certain keyword. This means that the meta descriptions of the content and the content itself from the website promoted needs to contain the targeted keyword.

On the long run, the above mentioned methods can help bring in organic traffic which is what every webmaster wants. Organic traffic implies that the targeted website is starting to get visitors without investing in paid traffic. So, here is another interesting question:


When Does The Incoming Traffic Become Cheap

Ideally, the incoming traffic would be free but it takes time to achieve this. Setting up backlinks to the targeted website using forum posts, articles published on article submission websites, sending out press releases and so on will please the search engines in a positive way. The endgame is to get the search engines to list the website as the main result for a search for a particular keyword and the more backlinks pointing to the side the better it will rank. At some point in time during a search engine optimization campaign, the targeted website will start getting traffic and clients, followers or readers. When that happens, if those people like what they see or get from that website, they will post about it and create backlinks for free. At that point, the business starts promoting itself and thus improving its self-engine rank or maintaining it which is the main goal of SEO services.


Why Do Search Engines Count That Much?

The last and most important aspect is realizing how important search engines are and why website owners go through all the trouble to pay for all of the above. Search engines are the ones that bring in the vast majority of the traffic. People find websites because they exist in search engines. The better the rank of the website or the more backlinks it has, the higher it will score. As the website climbs up the latter, the traffic coming from the search engines will increase. This means more revenue.

As a final point, it is important to understand that search engine optimization can cost money. It requires an initial investment but fortunately, it is something that needs to be done only for a certain period of time until the desired results are achieved. It can be done at the beginning of the startup of a new online business venture or at any other given moment in time when the results are below expectations. If the incoming traffic is not sufficient to generate a profit of capture the attention of a large enough audience then SEO is required. This is something that saved a lot of online businesses from bankruptcy and helped a large number of people to get their voice heard over the internet. Essentially, this is how SEO can help to improve traffic and its benefits cannot be denied. Even the biggest brands on the internet use it.