Regardless how many different algorithms changes the search engines undergo, utilizing the service of a professional SEO company will ensure your website thrives. When you employ tactics like fake backlinks to get a burst of traffic, you risk getting caught and dropped from the ranking. That will undermine all your intentions and put you in a worse position than had you done nothing with the website.

Here are just a few ways that the SEO company can optimize your website to be in the best position to get a steady stream of traffic.

With the average person spending over fifty minutes a day on social media websites, it makes sense to get links to those sites on your homepage and content. Social media buttons added to your pages make it simple for your visitors to share your pages with their inner circle. This is the best form of advertising, and is almost like getting a referral from a customer. These social buttons allow visitors to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, with one click of the mouse. Now your content is sent to a high ranking website and then shared with even more potential visitors. Those buttons can increase traffic and visitors very quickly.

The content on your website is usually navigated by way of links on the navigation bar or along the side bar of your homepage. The spiders who crawl your pages look for a sitemap to tell them how to navigate the pages of your site. Our SEO company will create a professional sitemap that will allow the search spiders to find all your pages similar to how a driver uses a road map to travel the highways of the country. That sitemap makes it easy for the spiders to find relevant pages and index then much faster than if they had to stumble upon those pages on their own. The sitemap gives the spiders all the information that they need to improve the page rank of your website. Whenever you add new content to the website from here out, the sitemap will instantly show that page. The spiders can quickly locate the new page and index you within a day in most cases.

Over 80% of the visitors who come to your website will land on the home page. Over 50% of all websites do not have their contact information posted on the homepage for visitors to see. This information should have the address, email, and telephone number of the company. This helps to instill confidence in the visitors and allows them to have a quick way to reach out to you in the event that they have a question or a concern. Making the visitors have to search your website for the contact information is a sure way to send them clicking the back button and visiting your competitions website. The SEO company will make sure your information is easily seen above the fold near the header where everyone can find it quickly. This will also help to keep visitors on the website longer, a must for getting an improved search ranking.