It has been estimated that the search engines change their algorithms at least once a day. With all those tweaks to the system, is it any wonder many website owners have difficulty trying to keep their websites on the first page of the search engine results. The best way to ensure that your pages stay or climb the organic search results is to make use of an SEO technique that will get you both localized and global traffic. The reason this technique is so effective is because Google recently released the Hummingbird update, in which it actually gave website owners a glimpse into what makes that particular algorithm change so different. The way that people search on the internet is much different than it had been in previous years.

No longer is someone sitting at a home computer and typing in the search term “dog grooming” to find a service for their pet. The technology of today gives people the ability to use their mobile devices to do a much more specific localized search. So now when a person is searching for the identical service, they turn on their smartphone and speak into the device “best dog grooming service in Green bay”. No longer will they receive a million search results, the new search term will produce pages of localized businesses that provide that particular service. The way that those companies get to be on page one is using new local SEO techniques to make certain those new long tail localized keywords are used in the website content. The new long tail keywords that you need to implement on your website have to be geared towards the local customer. That isn’t saying those are the only people you target, this SEO technique is designed to put your website in the position to be on page one for those local terms in addition to ranking globally. The benefit here is as more and more local traffic find your business, the search engines reward your website both locally and globally.

So it is very important that your keywords for the entire website are properly optimized. Once your local search terms begin ranking, the rest of your keywords will get an added boost. This is why it is important to choose those words carefully because as more and more local traffic find you, the higher your website will climb in the standings. Getting local traffic and higher local ranking should be very easy for your business. Chances are you have less local competition than you do global competition. Our experts will run a search on your niche and look for a variety of long tail keywords that are both highly searched and yet have very little competition. These local keywords will be very easy to rank for, and therefore will help to increase your website on different levels. In addition to getting your more local business, your website will begin to receive more local reviews on sites like Google + and Yelp, which in turn will send even more targeted traffic to your website.